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Online Application Procedure

STEP1Enter the information required for application and double check for accuracy.

Enter the required application information in accordance with the on-screen instructions. After entering all the required information, check if you have entered all the information correctly.

For an ID photo of yourself, you can upload a photo taken on a smartphone or digital camera from this website.

STEP2Choose a method of payment of application fee.

Choose the method of payment of application fee from the following list:
(1) Credit Card
(2) Bank ATM [Pay-easy]
(3) Online banking
(4) Convenience store

Regardless of which payment method you choose, you will have to pay the required processing fee, in addition to the application fee.

Processing Fee : JPY 900(In case the application fee is less than JPY 30,000)
JPY 1,000(In case the application fee is JPY 30,000 or more)

STEP3Send the required application documents by postal mail.

(For applications from inside Japan)

Please send the required application documents using the specified mail service, according to your examination category.
・Undergraduate: Simple registered express mail
・Graduate School, etc.: Simple registered mail
Use a commercially available A4-size envelope (square type 2 envelope; 24 x 33.2 cm) to send the application documents.
For secondary recruitment (for vacancies), an applicant should bring the application documents in person to the office.

If you have a printer, print an address label from the application registration completion screen, and paste the printed label on the envelope (label printed in black and white acceptable).

* To print an address label, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (former Adobe Reader) installed.
If it is not installed, please install it by clicking the button on the right.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

(For applications from outside Japan)

Use a commercially available A4-size envelope. Enclose all the necessary documents required to post. Send the envelope by the fastest international mail such as EMS (Express Mail Service) by the “deadline for submission of the application documents”.

Notes on Required Documents for Application

1. If certificates and other documents to be submitted are written in a language other than Japanese or English, then Japanese or English translations must be attached. Translations may be prepared by applicants*. In that case, documents need not to be sealed*.
*Except for IGS applicants. For details, please see the application guide.

2. If, due to name change, etc., your current name is different from the name shown on the document you are providing, attach a copy of an official document issued by a public institution, such as a copy of your family register.

For documents that need to be sent by postal mail, refer to the Application Guidelines.

1. Clicking on “Application Guidelines” above will open the download page for the Application Guidelines and the application documents to be sent by postal mail.

2. If you apply online, you do not need to send your application form and the form for affixing the application fee payment certificate by postal mail.

Your application process has been completed.
For information other than your application, refer to the Application Guidelines.

(Inquiries regarding Application Guidelines, entrance examinations, how to use this website, and payment methods)

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Types of Selection

Applications closed
Graduate school
International research student
Initial Application

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